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About Mentis

Mentis (formerly called SunUp) started when two Yale students, Liam McClintock and Margaret Morse, teamed up to solve a pressing issue in their social lives: crippling hangovers. 

Liam, a D1 athlete and expert in nutritional supplements, and Margaret, a Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology major, combined their passions and knowledge to formulate Mentis.

In their search for a solution, Liam and Margaret tried all of the available so-called “hangover cures” on the market, but were disappointed to find that none of them worked. 

So they set out researching the root causes of a hangover with the help of Yale professors and accomplished advisors with extensive knowledge in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and dietary supplement industries. After significant scientific research into alcohol and its effects on the body, they identified four physiological processes responsible for hangovers.

Liam and Maggie researched the ingredients that would help combat those processes to prime the body and help it fight the toxic aftereffects of alcohol without reducing the “buzz.”

With the formula tested and produced by a pharmaceutical manufacturer, they launched on Indiegogo in April of 2017 and sold $50,000 of product in one week. Mentis has been featured in countless television and printed news outlets such as Time, Men's Journal, Associated Press, Vice, Daily Mail, Yale Daily News, Cosmopolitan, Yahoo!, Men’s Health, Fox News, and many more.

Mentis now has thousands of satisfied customers who enjoy drinking without the hangover!

If you have any questions, please see our FAQ page or contact us at contact@mentislife.com.

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