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How Does Mentis Work?

By Fighting Against the 4 Main Causes of Hangovers


Alcohol produces a toxic byproduct that wreaks havoc on the body called acetaldehyde. 

Mentis helps increase enzymes in the liver that break down acetaldehyde and make it less harmful.

Suppresses Inflammation

Your immune system goes into overdrive when you drink alcohol, resulting in inflammation and general discomfort.

Mentis works to suppress these responses.

Glutamine Levels

Alcohol reduces glutamine levels which then “rebound” at night, disrupting sleep & leaving you tired the next day. 

Mentis contains ingredients that balance these levels. 


Your body gets overwhelmed when you drink alcohol, causing the depletion of many vitamins and electrolytes. 

Mentis primes the body with essential nutrients to combat alcohol toxicity. 

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Our Customers Say it Best

"The morning after we feel darn near like we hadn't drank the night before. Mentis has made drinking beer enjoyable again."
Jennifer P.
Verified Customer
"Loved your product! A friend turned me on to it."
David S.
Verified Customer
"We have used the product six times now. Each time has been successful."
Dana W.
Verified Customer